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Project manager

Kunde & Co has approximately 40 project managers overseeing every project. They guide the completion of tasks within a specified time plan and financial framework, and ensure our customers always receive the best possible solution.

Kunde & Co’s project managers have a wide range of backgrounds, but it is crucial that your education has provided a basic understanding of project management, marketing, finance and business.

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Associate project manager

As an associate project manager, you are a part of an account team comprising both consultants and project managers. You have organisational responsibility for your team’s customers and manage a wide range of tasks within every project.

You are quickly given responsibility for your own assignments, which you complete with support from your team’s more experienced project managers.

Project manager

As a project manager you ensure that communication between consultants, creatives and customers works perfectly. You are familiar with the principles of good project management, and can independently budget, coordinate, plan and execute marketing campaigns – both on- and offline.

You are responsible for managing finances throughout a project, from the approved proposal to finished product. You also know how to keep all internal and external processes in check to ensure everything runs properly, on time and within the financial framework.

Senior project manager

You work closely with our consultants and together you share responsibility for your clients. You manage large-scale, complex projects that cross different marketing disciplines and international borders.

You have a solid understanding of processes, and have developed strong client service skills that make you a trusted partner for our clients. You are also responsible for daily training and dialogue with junior project managers.

Group director, project management

As part of Kunde & Co’s management team, you lead large integrated communication projects, are responsible for project managers and remain accountable for the overall development of our products and processes.

In doing so, you continuously work towards the improvement of Kunde & Co’s internal processes and ensure we always provide the best possible solutions to our customers.

It is expected that you possess a thorough insight into your clients’ business and can continuously improve and optimise the solutions we deliver.

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