At Kunde & Co, we believe strong market positions can only be achieved if a company and its marketing activities are focused around a unique value


Kunde & Co solves all the tasks associated with creating a strong brand. We have developed a unique process to identify and develop optimal brand positions for companies. This results in a brand platform that is clearly articulated, fully visualised and ready for the company to implement. We have more than 25 years’ experience and have been engaged in over 200 projects within corporate positioning and brand systems.



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Our branding experience spans a wide range of project types

  • Brand analysis and testing  
  • Naming and visual identity
  • Brand promise formulation
  • Brand mergers and carve-outs
  • Brand portfolio analysis and architecture
  • Corporate positioning 
  • Product branding and launches 
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Corporate Religion

A Corporate Religion is a set of attitudes and values, as well as strategies, tools and actions for management to use in its work. In a Corporate Religion company, it is the brand that is used to guide the company. The company must be turned into a 'movement' where the management form is guided by a fundamental belief in the value of a strong Corporate Brand. 

In a Corporate Religion company, it is the brand – not the product – that leads the way. The company should be turned into a movement, where the belief in the value of a strong corporate brand is the prevailing form of leadership.

Jesper Kunde, CEO & Founder

At Kunde & Co, we say that ‘the value of the brand is greater than the value of the product'. The logical consequence of this development is that it is the brand - and not the product - which guides the company. In the value economy, we talk about 'value positions' and not positions traditionally tied in with the product. 

To ensure success, management must let the value position be the guiding star in strategies for the company and its development.

Branding in the digital age
A claim we often hear is that due to the rise of digital media, brands are now formed and owned by customers. At Kunde & Co, we believe you shouldn't confuse this slight loss of control brought about by the digital age with complete brand inertia. Understanding and managing the brand is becoming more complex, but by no means less important.

With the professionalisation of the customer and the explosion of touch points, defining a strong story is as important as ever. And this story should be fixed, coherent and provide clear direction for your company.

If you don't take control of your brand in the digital age, someone else will.

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New international brand position

Kunde & Co has helped Danfoss develop a coherent, consistent and strong position and history that helps form the foundation for Danfoss’ global growth strategy. After more than a year of development, Danfoss launches its new brand platform, ENGINEERING TOMORROW, on a global scale.

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New international brand position

Brand analysis & strategy

A common misconception is that a brand should be formed and defined through boardroom brainstorms. We believe this approach is inherently flawed.

Instead, companies should test and articulate the brand according to not just customer perceptions and aspirations, but also those of the employees. Through quantitative and qualitative research, we ensure there is alignment across internal and external stakeholders, which builds a more authentic, durable and impactful brand story. 

At Kunde & Co, we believe a strong market position can only be attained by focusing the whole company and its marketing around its unique value. We call it the brand’s value position

Søren Poulsen, Senior partner

Brand analysis
Kunde & Co uses brand analysis to provide a snapshot of the brand's current position and to gain input for its future directions. Our analytical services cover a range of unique and proven test methodologies, which provide the client with a unique insight into, and understanding of, the brand's position and opportunities.

Brand positioning and strategy
Based on brand analysis and an identification of the strategic marketing challenges, we establish and develop the brand position and concept. We describe the brand position and explain how the position affects the company's products, profile, organisation and communication. Moreover, we outline how the brand is to be communicated and deployed.

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Repositioning of retail chain

To re-position føtex so that it would again be preferred the supermarket for the defined key target groups, Kunde & Co developed a new concept, communication platfrom and on-going marketing. The result is a clear profile that shifts the positioning in a changing market.

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Repositioning of retail chain

Brand implementation
& activation

Creating unity and a strong culture is a challenge for most companies - particularly multinational organisations spanning several countries. Kunde & Co uses proven methods to anchor the brand internally.

We involve key stakeholders from the very beginning, making the brand process transparent. We develop implementation activities and internal communication to involve and commit the entire organisation. This not only defines the brand and its importance, but also the employees' vital role in ensuring the company delivers on the desired brand position.

“It is our firm belief that a company strengthens its competitive edge when the entire organisation understands and shares the same values and vision, and the employees are loyal ambassadors for the company”.

Signe Hylleholt Kjeldsen, Partner


Finally, we help companies optimise the activation of the brand across the following stages:

  • We develop brand systems that companies can use to define and optimise their brand portfolio according to market potential
  • We optimise a company’s marketing system, enabling it to improve marketing resource spend and build brand equity
  • We implement the brand position through brand management tools such as brand books and design manuals
  • We develop the communication, content and platforms that deliver the brand position
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Jesper Kunde

CEO & Founder
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