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We are one of Northern Europe's largest marketing and branding agencies


Kunde & Co is made up of more than 200 like-minded and highly-skilled people. As a full-service agency, our personnel includes creatives, strategists, analysts, technologists, content producers and media planners.


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eccogolf blackshoe
eccogolf blackshoe

Our Philosophy

At Kunde & Co, we see marketing as a hurdle race. This means that to ensure success, all marketing must be strategic, based on sound analysis and pass seamlessly through a company’s sales and distribution system.

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Are you our new talent?

We are always looking for new talent to join our team. Our staff incorporates a broad array of skills including strategists, analysts, consultants, media planners, art directors, digital developers, graphic designers, photographers, copywriters, project coordinators, CRM specialists, journalists and production managers.


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eccogolf blackshoe
eccogolf blackshoe

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About Kunde & Co

  • 220 Employees
  • 18 Nationalities
  • 3 Locations
  • 1 Kunde Religion

Kunde & Co is one of Northern Europe's largest marketing and branding agencies. We represent 18 different nationalities at our offices in Copenhagen, Düsseldorf and Zürich. Our more than 200 employees are a blend of strategists, creatives, big personalities, analysts, developers and abstract thinkers. Our strong Kunde culture is based on a common drive to deliver the absolute best branding and marketing solutions to our customers.


We are proud of our work, and are always trying our best to make
the work and the clients need to go hand in hand

To find out more about what Kunde & Co can do for you and your company, please contact us

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