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Launching a revolutionary solution in the confectionery industry

AAK refines vegetable oils for specialised solutions within the food and beverage industry. For the Confectionary & Chocolate segment, AAK has developed a unique solution that can resolve the pains and deliver on the needs of chocolate producers in markets of hot climates.


The task

Chocolate producers all over the world have been struggling to find a heat-stable solution for the fast-growing hot climate markets. 

To ensure a successful launch of the solution, it was crucial to first understand the needs and pains of the customers and key decision makers.

This would serve as the backbone for developing a strong concept and communication strategy.


The solution

One of the key objectives of the campaign was to target commercial stakeholders and avoid becoming a commodity in the purchase stage of the buying process.

Our communication strategy, therefore, needed to address both the value-reaping but also the risk-taking decision makers in the market. Based on an understanding of these two groups a structured key messaging hierarchy was developed which provided a solid foundation for both the concept and content development of the campaign.


The communication strategy & concept

We needed a concept that directly addressed the pains and needs of our two key groups of decision makers.

The concept needed to cover three main aspects: the market maintained sensory experiences such as taste, texture and mouthfeel, and bloom stability (blooming occurs when chocolate is exposed to repeating heat-cycles above 33 degrees Celsius).

Therefore, we created a market-specific campaign name and a pay-off with the answers to the main challenges in the market - TROPICAO™ - BEAT THE BLOOM, SECURE THE SENSORY.

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The results

Overall the performance of the TROPICAO™ campaign has been very positive and we have engaged the right decision makers to produce the following results:

  • Direct contact from all of the biggest players in the industry
  • 20% of the overall traffic came from our LinkedIn activities
  • 92% of the visitors from LinkedIn were either senior or manager level
  • 62 high-quality leads from senior decision makers

Second burst: Generating high-quality leads

In order to bring new life to the TROPICAO™ story and generate high quality leads for the sales force, we developed a simple digital ecosystem.

With a white paper containing rich information about the TROPICAO™ solution, we could attract and drive the target group to a dedicated landing page for the download, which would ultimately result in contact information and leads for AAK’s sales force.

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What we delivered

  • Mapping of customer needs and pains in the decision journey
  • Communication strategy and concept
  • Responsive campaign site
  • Brochure and Ads 
  • LinkedIn Strategy and Content
  • Animation film 
  • Give-away
  • Bi-weekly reporting

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