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At Kunde & Co, we believe strong market positions can only be achieved when a company and its marketing activities are focused around a unique value

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Far too many companies today market themselves through loose ideas or purposeless creativity that are not anchored in commercial priorities of the company in question or an integrated brand experience.

At Kunde & Co, we believe strong market positions can only be achieved when a company and its marketing activities are focused around a unique value. We call this ‘the brand's value position'.

As an independent, full-service marketing agency with more than 200 employees - spanning everything from creatives, analysts, technologists, strategies and media planners - we all work with one goal in mind: To create strong market positions that increase our customers' bottom lines.

The nexus of our approach is our consultants. Based on years of experience, and with a close eye on our customer's business goals, they help ensure strategic direction and integration across touch-points.

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Marketing as a hurdle race

For more than 25 years, our employees have not only taken responsibility for our customers’ marketing, but also for their businesses.

Successful marketing is about more than reaching end-users. We believe new marketing initiatives must have a strategic outset and pass faultlessly through a company's sales and distribution system in order to achieve the desired business outcome. We call this philosophy the hurdle race, and it’s completed over a series of stages:


Every initiative has its natural starting point in thorough research. The work can include competitor analysis, processing marketing data, knowledge gathering about the company itself, and the digital behaviour of the target group.

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We prepare a strategy based on the analysis and the identified goals. At this stage, strategic opportunities and problems are evaluated from a holistic point of view.

Concept foundation

The strategic proposal will often contain a suggestion for a conceptual solution that will provide the foundation for the integrated solution. In some cases, the project includes a number test rounds. These then form the basis for further concept and strategy development.

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Marketing towards the employees

To ensure employees become advocates of new initiatives, internal onboarding and anchoring is crucial.

By engaging employees you achieve synergies across borders, mitigate the risk of inconsistency between "what you say and what you do" and increase employee satisfaction and ownership.

Marketing towards wholesalers, distributors and retailers

As customer journeys are more fragmented than ever before, establishing a strong brand presence that is represented across both physical and digital touch-points requires that intermediates must also be targeted and empowered.

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Marketing towards the end-user

The marketing initiative must fulfil the goals outlined in the strategic and conceptual work, and allow sufficient time to complete previous hurdles. 

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